Five Strategies for Optimizing Warehouse Operations With Automation

From SKU proliferation, to e-commerce, to increasing customer demand, changes and trends in today’s supply chains have significantly complicated the warehousing industry. Now, as warehousing organizations look for new ways to stay ahead of these shifts and challenges, many are embracing automation technology to drive new efficiencies. 

However, when it comes to automating their warehouse, some organizations are unsure where to start. Some have relied on the same facilities, the same processes and the same homegrown systems for years. To help jump start your efforts, here are five strategies for optimizing warehouse operations with automation: 

  1. Retrofit your existing facility with a high density AS/RS
  2. Consolidate disparate facilities
  3. Automate Picking
  4. Incorporate just-in-time fulfillment methods
  5. Integrate with a warehouse execution system (WES)
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